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Welcome to The Electronic Book Company
We are now living in a digital world where people are increasingly choosing to download their music tracks and movies directly from the web rather than purchase them the traditional way in bricks and mortar stores. With the introduction of ebook readers such as Amazon's Kindle range, this trend for instant online delivery is also transforming the way that many people buy books.  Based in the UK, The Electronic Book Company was founded to meet the needs of s who, while wishing to benefit from this burgeoning new market, prefer to let a professional and knowledgeable 'e-publisher' take care of their publishing requirements. Since our inception we have helped over 100 s get their books online - with many choosing us to publish all of their titles. 

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We will meticulously prepare and format your manuscript. After exhaustive quality checks, your book is then e-published, making it available to millions of people worldwide. Royalties/earnings can amount to 70% of your book’s cover price. Back-listed and out-of-print titles, once converted to ebook format, can enjoy a new lease of life and can be presented to a whole new generation of readers.

Transparent Pricing and Royalties: We charge £249 to format and publish predominantly text based titles of up to 70,000 words. For longer titles, simply add £15 per additional 10,000 words. For books with pictures, graphs, charts etc. we charge £5 per image to cover handling, editing, re-sizing and any adaption required to work within the ebook. If you require a cover, we can create something special for only £149Many ebook publishers will take a percentage of your royalties or ask for a monthly "maintenance fee." We don't. We prepare, format and e-publish your manuscripts for a flat fee. Amazon as vendors will typically take 30% of the royalties, but you get to keep 100% of all remaining royalties from your ebook sales.

Our Guide: Click HERE to request a copy of our Guide. Our informative guide contains further details of distribution, pricing, royalty payments and much more.

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