Why Choose Us? What’s so difficult about ebook publishing...Surely Amazon and others have made it so easy that anyone can now publish an ebook? Well, in theory yes, provided that you know what you're doing it’s possible to publish a reasonably acceptable ebook. However, if you read Amazon’s basic guide to ebook publishing they make the whole process seem like a gentle stroll in the park. We can assure you that even if you are adept at using word processing software and your web skills are as sharp as a razor, you will be extremely lucky if your attempts at publishing produce anything like acceptable results. If you’re not convinced, peruse the ebook samples from Amazon and we guarantee that you will find the majority of titles on offer are poorly formatted, the covers can look uninspiring and editorially, they can leave much to be desired. Sure, the DIY route will save you some initial financial outlay, but unless your book is formatted and presented professionally, its earning potential could be severely compromised - what you save now, you'll pay for later!
So Why are so Many ebooks Badly Produced: There are a number of reasons why many ebooks on sale today are poorly formatted and presented. Perhaps one of the major reasons is that s and publishers still tend to think too much in terms of traditionally published books when preparing manuscripts for publication. Many make the mistake of simply uploading largely unmodified manuscripts hoping that when converted they will be acceptable as ebooks. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. A manuscript that is ready for the printers will require much modification and formatting before it can be converted into the various ebook publishing formats. Another problem is that a fair proportion of traditional publishers still regard ebooks as a the poor relation to printed books and seldom invest sufficient time and enthusiasm into their publication.

Here are just three of many reason why ebooks can fail to make the grade:

Excessive White Space: Empty space at the beginning and ends of physical books may be perfectly fine and normal. However, the last thing a reader of an ebook wants is to be scrolling through acres of blank space just to reach the start of the book. If you imagine someone reading an ebook on a small screen device such as a Blackberry or iPhone and you will quickly realize that empty spaces are not a welcome feature of digital books.

A Missing Table Of Contents: With conventionally published books people navigate by going to the chapter title page at the front of the book and then flicking through to the page number to get to where they want to start reading. Electronic books don’t display page numbers, instead they use re-flowable text which means that depending on what font size you select, the text always fills the screen. However, this versatility means that page numbering cannot easily be applied to ebooks because every time you change the font size, the device will automatically change the number of pages a book has. For this reason, ebooks need a table of contents to aid navigation. If constructed correctly, a fully-functioning table of contents makes it easy for readers to navigate back and forth through a digital book.

Hidden Background Code: Word documents including book manuscripts can contain much hidden background code which normally causes few problems; that is, until you convert the document to ebook format. Once converted, the hidden code can manifest itself in a number of ways, such as weird symbols and black blocks in between the text. Documents that contain scanned material can often pick up code which causes problems that only become apparent after conversion. Documents that have been converted from older word processor file types into Microsoft Word frequently contain code that can have a bad effect on the finished ebook.

Beautifully Formatted: There are many other formatting issues that can result in poorly presented digital books. That is why, before going it alone, you should consider using the services of a professional and knowledgeable ebook publisher such as ourselves. Not only can we ensure that your titles are beautifully formatted, we are confident that we can publish your books efficiently and economically. And if you really want to give your book every chance of success, take a look at our acclaimed editorial services - here.

A Final Reason For Choosing The Electronic Book Company: If you publish through us and we think your book might appeal to readers, we could market your title worldwide. You can find out about marketing possibilities - Here

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