Perfect: Experience has taught us that creating the perfect ebook, which begins with receiving a manuscript and ends with the publication of a beautifully formatted and fully-functioning electronic book, is full of potential pitfalls. One has only to look at the large number of badly formatted and amateurishly presented titles that are being offered for download, to understand that choosing a professional and knowledgeable ebook publisher is the way to guarantee that your books stand out from the crowd. 

The Formatting Process: On receiving a manuscript, we check it for hidden background code, incorrect paragraph/line spacing, tab indents and any other formatting issues that might affect the book’s final finish. It is worth noting that a manuscript that may be formatted perfectly for printing as a physical book will require many additional formatting adjustments to make it ready for conversion to an ebook. At this point we add the front matter and back matter, including such items as the publisher’s name, legal disclaimers, copyright etc. The next stage involves adding images where applicable, creating page breaks and entering navigation marks which will be used later when we create a table of contents. After carefully re-checking through the book for any missed formatting errors, we manually create a table of contents which consists of entering a chapter list, either of chapter headings or chapter numbers, at the beginning of the book. Once we have created the table of contents, we link each entry to the appropriate point within the book using the navigation marks that we added earlier. The table of contents headings then act as links to each section allowing the reader to navigate their way through the book. Once we are happy that the table of contents is working correctly, we add a cover image to the book. This could be an existing cover image from a book that has been previously published as a physical book. If required, we can design a cover for your ebook. Click HERE to find out more about our ebook cover design service. With all these elements in place, we now convert the book into HTML. After conversion we import the file into an ebook creating program which allows us to produce a preview of the book locally to check for errors. We also check the book file on all leading ebook reading devices.

The Final Quality Checks: The preview enables us to check the finished product and make any corrections before publishing directly on to the ebook vendors respective websites. Immediately prior to publishing, the book (Now in HTML, ePub, Mobi or MS Word format depending on which platform we are publishing to) and any associated images are placed into specific folders ready for uploading.

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