Submission Advice: The paramount aim of The Electronic Book Company is to make ebook publishing affordable to everyone while at the same time, never sacrificing the quality of our services. One of the ways we have found that helps keep our prices low, is by asking s to follow a few simple guidelines before submitting their manuscripts. But please don't worry too much because we are experts in shaping up manuscripts ready for formatting and publication.

Font Choice: Avoid using exotic fonts because they can often fail to convert well.  The best way to ensure a smooth conversion is to use mainstream fonts such as: Times New Roman, Arial or Garamond. For the main body text of an ebook, you will find that a size 11 or 12 font is most commonly used. The book's title and chapter headings are best kept fairly small because on compact hand-held devices, larger fonts tend to fill up the small screen and can look overpowering. This is why we recommend that you should not use a font size much bigger than 18 for your title and chapter headings. 

Additional Content: Although not obligatory, you may want to include additional content at the start of your book; content such as an introduction, an bio and/or an acknowledgments section. These are best kept short.

Proof-Reading: It doesn’t matter how talented you are as a writer, we all have our blind spots when checking our own work. How often have you read and re-read a document on your computer, only to notice the glaring typos the very moment you examine the freshly printed hard-copy? We understand that editorial services can be expensive, particularly if you are trying to be published on a tight budget. However, an error-strewn book will do nothing to improve your chances of achieving healthy sales. We strongly recommend that before submitting your manuscript, at the very least, you have your work independently checked. This might be by a friend or family member, but whoever you volunteer for the job, make sure it is someone with a good eye for detail and an excellent grasp of grammar and punctuation rules. 

Editorial Services: We offer a range of professional editorial services. You can find details of our services - HERE
Are you ready to send your book? If you would rather leave us to tidy-up the layout of your manuscript, that is generally not a problem, we have gained a reputation for going the extra mile. You can upload your manuscript directly to The Electronic Book Company and we'll get back to you with a firm quotation within 1 - 2 days. Click HERE for our manuscript upload page

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