International Friendly: Although the UK ebook market is growing fast, US sales are typically five times greater than UK sales. This is why it is important to present your book in such a way that it will appeal to this buoyant sector. We are not talking about a full-blown ‘Americanization’ of your precious manuscript. No, we are advocating, if we think it is right for your book, subtle yet crucial changes that will make your book more accessible to a wider readership. Our international friendly editing methods have been specifically devised to take into account the global nature of ebook publishing. 

So what do we mean by making a book international friendly? It is all about making your book understandable to Americans and millions of people around the globe who have been taught the American form of English. As an , you have spent many long hours editing your book so the words flow at a nice steady pace, carrying along the reader – drawing them into your book. Creating a classic page turner. Your efforts could easily be undone by the inclusion of too much impenetrable local dialect, overuse of slang words or by simply using words that are unfamiliar to many international readers.

You want your readers to be engrossed in your writing; you don’t want to leave them perplexed, wondering why Mrs. Smith was filling up her 'boot' with groceries… Or have your readers feverishly searching on Google for ‘fag’ to find out why someone went outside the pub to have one! And let’s not even go into how bumbag and fanny pack could possibly mean the same thing!

Joking aside, those are some of the more obvious examples of how language differences can cause problems. When we undertake an international friendly edit we use a subtle mixture of word substitution, and other innovative techniques, to produce a book that can be more readily understood by a wider global readership. Conversely, when we edit books for American s, we can employ similar methods to ensure their books are understood by British readers.

Please note: Our international friendly edit is included in the price when you choose editing options 2 and 3. However, if we think that internationalising your book would be detrimental, perhaps because your book's subject matter is very 'British specific', we would instead put a notice in a prominent position at the beginning of the book to indicate that it has been written using UK English spellings, punctuation and word usage. We find this reduces the number of complaints in reviews written by people who are unaware of the global differences in the use of the English language!

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