Cover Design: When choosing a book, the cover is the first thing a prospective reader will see of your work. This is true whether the person’s browsing online for an ebook or if they are looking at books in a traditional bookstore. A well-designed cover will arouse initial interest and make the prospective purchaser want to open the book to find out more. Extensive test marketing has proved that the right cover can increase a book's sales by 20 -30 per cent.

A small sample of covers - all designed in-house

When designing a cover for an ebook, it’s important to remember that in digital outlets such as Amazon’s Kindle Store, the image of the cover on the book's product page is displayed small. The cover is in effect, an over-sized thumbnail. With this in mind, the cover imagery should be fairly bold and not too intricate or over-fussy, and should also give a strong indication of what's contained inside the cover - the genre, topic, setting and mood.

For £149 The Electronic Book Company can design a cover for your ebook that not only beautifully captures the essence of your work, but also takes into account the specific requirements of electronic book publishing. Note: Bespoke, hand-drawn/painted cover artwork can be created to order and the cost will vary with each commission.

If you already have a suitable cover for your work, we will be happy to use it for your ebook. However, please ensure that any imagery used for the cover doesn't infringe copyright. For example, it shouldn't contain any imagery copied from the Internet without the copyright owner's express permission. Your supplied cover should be a rectangular (portrait) jpeg file with the longest edge being at least 1500 pixels in size. If you're not sure if your image is acceptable, send it to us and we'll do our very best to adapt it so it meets the necessary technical requirements.

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