After Publication: As every knows, however good the book, it won’t sell without a push. Electronic books are no exception. A basic but effective way to get a title off to a good start is to set the price quite low. A low cover price should stimulate initial sales and start the process of online reader reviews. Good online reviews are vital to an ebook’s success; especially when you consider that many potential purchasers rely solely on reviews to help them decide which titles to buy. After several weeks at the low introductory price, the cover price can be increased to a more realistic level. Perhaps one of the most effective promotional weapons a title can have is the book’s ! This is especially so if the is comfortable using the Internet. s are often very keen to promote their ebooks online, with many happily spending hours every day spreading the good news. There are a variety of ways that s can and do, market their titles online at little or no cost, including: setting up and running a blogging site dedicated to the book, starting a Facebook page for the book, promoting their book on writer’s discussion forums and creating a website specifically for the book.

Amazon's KDP Select Program: KDP Select is an option that features a multi-million dollar annual fund dedicated to independent s and publishers. If you opt to make your book exclusive to the Kindle Store for at least 90 days, the book is eligible to be included in the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library and Kindle Unlimited, and you can earn a share of the fund based on how often your book is borrowed  Additionally, by enrolling into the KDP Select Program, you will have access to a new set of promotional tools, starting with the option to offer enrolled books free to readers for up to five days every 90 days. s can enroll a single title, their whole catalog or anything in between. If after publication you want to enroll your book into KDP Select, The Electronic Book Company can send you our After Publication Guide which contains useful, easy to follow information about KDP Select and much more.

In-House Marketing: We may, at our discretion, agree to market selected mainly fiction titles - although we would be interested in marketing well-written,  'how to' guides, self-help books and books that might appeal to the American market. Preparation for marketing can include a discounted editorial polish that can entail making the book 'international friendly' (Click HERE for more details about our international friendly editing), book cover enhanced design and a blurb re-write. The books we select are initially marketed to Kindle owners - the majority being American - and thousands of online book club members. Should a book be favorably received and acquire sufficient high-star online reviews, we can then promote it via our contacts who operate highly visited, U.S. based ebook oriented websites. Marketing campaigns are generally undertaken for a fair cut of prospective sales royalties.

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