About Us: They say that necessity is the mother of invention. And this is pretty much how The Electronic Book Company came into being. The spark that led to the creation of The Electronic Book Company came about when the company's founder started to buy ebooks online and was appalled by the number of badly formatted and difficult to navigate titles that were being offered for sale. Sadly, there are still far too many poorly produced ebooks populating the major online bookstores. This is why The Electronic Book Company is fully committed to work to improve the standards within the industry and to ensure that when people purchase an ebook produced by us, they are guaranteed a pleasurable reading experience. 

The core of our business involves producing high-quality, ebooks for independent s. Our clients appreciate the fact that once they send us a manuscript, they can relax, safe in the knowledge that we will take care of all aspects of preparing, formatting and 'e-publishing' their titles while they get on with their next writing project.
Ethical e-publishing: The Electronic Book Company operates to strict ethical standards. Unlike many self-publishing companies we don't try to hard-sell you umpteen additional services - many of which could be totally unnecessary. For example, if we feel that your book requires an edit, we will tell you so, but are quite happy if you opt not to use our in-house services and instead ask a qualified friend or family member to edit your work. We have also kept our pricing structure simple and transparent which ensures that when you are invoiced, there are no additional costs such as a 'royalty grab' hidden in the small print. (Amazon as vendors will typically take 30% of the royalties, but you get to keep of all remaining royalties.)

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